Exercising When It’s Chilly Outside!

A couple of years ago, my son and I ran a 5K together, our first one as a team :) It was so much fun, and we both really want to do another one again soon. He’s such a little athlete that plays soccer 12 months out of the year and just loves to be moving. He’s such a motivation when it comes to health and wellness. I pretty much have to be healthy to keep up with him! He’s always  concerned about what he’s eating, doesn’t like candy very much, and knows what ingredients we’d like him to avoid (aspartame, HFCS, etc.). What a sweetie! But I’m biased. But when we ran our 5K last year, it was the first big snow storm of the year in Utah. It was cold, snowy, and we had a blast running in the storm. So what are some ways to stay in shape even if it’s cold outside:

  • Just get outside and go! My favorite thing about exercising in the cold weather is that I get to layer up and it’s easy to cool down a bit if you get overheated by removing one of your layers.
  • If you live near a ski resort, try snowboarding or skiing if you don’t do this already.
  • Snowshowing. If you have an area near by that is safe and covered in snow, strap on some snowshoes and go! Being out and about in a large field can give you a different perspective of the land when it is covered by snow. Try to remember what was there before it was completely covered.
  • If you absolutely HATE being cold, get a gym membership. Our local rec. center offers a pass for a family of 4 for around $45.00/month. This includes use of their gym, track, racquetball courts, and indoor pool. Most rec. centers offer a lot of items with their memberships, some can even include classes.
  • Have a workout buddy! If you are losing motivation fast, find a friend that is equally as motivated to start working out with. That way you won’t want to cancel on them and vice versa. Just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean you should become inactive. No hibernating here!
  • Cross country skiing. This is also fun if you have access to a large piece of snow-covered land. Who knows, you might see some animals out there that you won’t typically see when it’s a little warmer outside.
  • Snowball fight! Who says exercise has to be boring. Get you and your family out there and have a snowball fight! Or go sledding! Have you tried hiking up a big hill covered in snow. You’ll feel the burn in your legs quickly! Make the most of it and try running up the hills after you sled down.

What are you favorite ways to stay in shape when it’s cold outside?

WHOA! Yoga is TOUGH!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.37.58 AMLast night, my stepdaughter and I decided to try a yoga class. She used to play soccer, but has been unable to play due to injury for about a year. We are looking for a new stress reliever for her that also helps keep her active & injury free, so yoga seemed like a good match!

Nobody told me that yoga was hard! Nobody told me that I’d be a hot sweaty mess! And even though it’s been recommended in the past, I had NO idea how much yoga would help my hips! I hurt my hips playing basketball in high school and rather than letting the injury heal, I pushed myself to return quickly and have been paying for it for the last 16 years. But after yoga last night, my hips were loose and felt better than they have in a really long time.

We found a local place that offers yoga classes. There are a lot of options, but Monday night worked the best for us this week. The place we went is called Breathe Yoga and it was nice because the first class was FREE! I’m always excited for a deal, and this was a great one. The teacher was really great and let us know exactly what we needed to help get us set up before class started. There were definitely some positions that I tried that I was unable to complete, but it is nice that there are variations. It’ll also be cool to see what improvements both of us can make as we continue going. Our goal is to go once a week, so I’m anxious to make this happen.

Wow! Yoga is AWESOME!

How to Get Back on Track

1932_620x290School is starting back up for a lot of families out there which means the fun of summer is coming to an end. For me, it is SO much easier to lose weight in the winter than it is during the summer. During the summer, there are BBQs, pool parties, soccer games, and just more fun in the sun. So how are you supposed to get back on track? Here are a few tips to help you get back on track and stay on track:

  • Make a meal plan for each week and stick with it. There are some days that you know are going to be busy, so plan ahead. For those days, plan to make something in the crockpot so you can set it and forget it. I like to use the crockpot on days where my son has soccer. We have a lot of running around to do and knowing that dinner is taken care of is a huge relief.
  • Schedule in exercise. With the kids occupied with school, exercising may be easier to squeeze in. There may be days where you need to wake up a little earlier to get it done, but just do it! It may be the last thing you want to do that day, but you’ll feel so much better once you are done.
  • Snack healthy! This goes along with the meal plan. Portioning out health snacks ahead of time will make the temptation of grabbing something less than healthy go away.
  • I know exactly how I feel when I eat too much junk and not enough healthy foods. Load up on fresh fruits & veggies. After a weekend of bad eating, I love to have fresh juice in the morning and then a salad for lunch. With my salads, I tend to load up on proteins and veggies, rather than just lettuce. Add in foods like lemons, garlic, berries and more to help your body get rid of toxins and get a healthy dose of antioxidants!

Now that you have a few tips to help you get back on track, what steps are you going to take?

Active Kids


With Summer right around the corner, all parents are going to be trying to figure out how to keep their kids active, rather than glued in front of the TV or playing video games. Here is an article I wrote about how to keep kids active – http://www.vitalmend.com/index.php/blog/tips-to-help-kids-exercise/

You’ll find tips on how to keep kids active, and who knows, maybe you can use some of the tips for yourself!

8 Tips for Exercising in the Heat

4ccb6d678ce3f64a_run-heatJust because it’s hot outside, doesn’t mean you need to give up on exercising. Here are 8 tips to help you continue exercise in the heat!

  1. Consider changing the time that you exercise. If you typically exercise in the afternoon, try exercising in the morning or evening when temperatures tend to be cooler.
  2. Wear sunscreen. Not only will it help protect your skin from skin cancer and a sunburn, but a sunburn can hinder your ability to work out for 1-2 weeks after the initial burn.
  3. Stay hydrated! Drink 1-2 cups of water 30 minutes before your work out. Continue to drink water every 15 minutes while working out. When done with your work out, drink another 1-2 cups of water.
  4. Switch up your workouts. If adjusting your workout schedule won’t work for you, try different workouts like yoga, pilates, exercise classes, etc. that are offered during your preferred exercise time. They typically take place in areas that are air conditioned so when it’s hot outside, it’ll be cool inside.
  5. Work out inside. If you prefer to run or ride a bike, try a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike instead. You can adjust the incline to create hills while working out inside.
  6. Listen to your body. If you start to experience headaches, nausea, difficulty breathing, or cramps, it’s okay to stop. Take it slow and it’s possible the heat is getting to you causing heat exhaustion. Don’t push your body further than it can go.
  7. Take the workout slow until your body has acclimated to the hot weather. Slowly work your way up to the pace you want to achieve.
  8. Exercise with a partner. This will make your workout more fun, but also in case of an emergency, you have someone there to help or vice versa.

Nutrition Tips for Busy Professionals

Woman with headache at the deskAs a parent, we tend to put everyone and everything before our needs. As we do this more and more, we often forget to exercise and eat well. We are always on the go, so how could we possibly eat healthy. Here is a list of Elite Health Coaching’s Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Moms & Dads:

  1. If you work at a desk most of the day, make sure you take the time and get up and stretch.
  2. Take the stairs, not the elevator or escalator.
  3. Prep healthy snacks ahead of time. This can include servings of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, pre-portioned whole wheat crackers, etc.
  4. Meal plan. Planning out your meals for the week will help you stay on track when it comes to eating healthy. Check out this post on meal planning!
  5. Drink plenty of water. Not sure how much water to drink per day? Read this article!
  6. Avoid high fat condiments. Salad dressing can typically be high in calories and fat. Search for a healthier option or make your own dressing.
  7. Don’t drink your calories. Stay hydrated with water. If you need an added energy boost, try drinking black coffee or unsweetened green tea. These are both low in calories and provide you a natural boost of energy.
  8. Slow down and chew your food. The more thoroughly you chew your food, the better.
  9. Only eat until you are about 80% full. Don’t over eat. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and don’t over indulge. If you are going to a dinner party or a place where you feel you will over eat, try to eat just a few bits of all the things you want to try. This will ensure you don’t eat until you are ready to pop.
  10. Exercise! This will give you energy throughout the day to help you be more productive and awake while you are working.
  11. Enlist the help of a health coach if you aren’t sure where to start! Elite Health Coaching can help you and your family make healthy changes without causing distress!